Vito Oil filtration system


What it is

The Vito Oil filtration system can be used in all Gas and electric deep fat open and ventless fryers including fish and chip shop ranges – It only takes minutes to use.

  • It can save you up to 50% on you current oil costs
  • It filters the oil in the fryer whilst the oil is still hot
  • Gives you fast return on your investment - revitalize your oil in 5 to 10 mins
  • It prolongs the lifetime of your oil and optimises the flavour of your food
  • You do fewer oil changes
  • Gives you fast return on your investment
  • It comes in 3 sizes dependant on your fryer volume.

Why you need it

The VITO® cooking oil filter machines are revolutionising the way catering establishments are purifying their frying oil.

Gone are the days of bulky tanks that have to be wheeled in, causing health and safety concerns as they block gangways and require hoses containing hot oil to be manually held.

A VITO® oil filter machine can safely double the life of your cooking and frying oil, whilst maintaining your cooked product at optimum quality for far longer. With consistent standards of taste and appearance of your food.

How to use the Vito oil filtration system

1) Place VITO® into your hot fryer and press Start. No Wait!

2) VITO® then filters the oil and stops automatically. No supervision!

3) Remove VITO® from your fryer. Your oil is now clean. No Draining!

4) Clean VITO® easily in your dishwasher. Labour Savings!