The Autofry Ventless Deep-Fryer

Autofry® deep fryer hoodless and fully-enclosed for complete safety in the high-volume catering and restaurant environment. No Hoods, No Vents, No Problem.

All models are fully automated and equipped with a fire suppression system. Simplifry® techhnology offers push-button ease, pre-set cook times, stand-by mode and time/heat compensation.

The four models in the range below provide alternative capacities and features for countertop and floor-standing installations. All models are designed to offer affordable, safe, ventless and user-friendly commercial deep fat frying alternative to open deep fat fryers.

Autofry means everyone,
can have a FRYDAY

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MTI-5X 2.9kW Heater, 6.5 litres oil capacity - More information


MTI-10XL 7.2kW Heater, 9.5 litres oil capacity - More information


MTI-40CX 2x3.6kW Heater, 2x8.5 litres oil capacity - More information


MTI-40XL 2x6kW Heater, 2x15 litres oil capacity - More information


All units are covered by a comprehensive one-year parts and labour warranty and we provide full on-going service and maintenance back-up around the UK.