ServiceLight™ Waiter Calling System

A great restaurant is all about customer service. Happy, satisfied customers will build your business and increase your revenue. With ServiceLight™ you can have perfect service for every customer every time!

What it is

ServiceLight™ is a tabletop communication device that takes the guesswork out of customer service. With a touch of the finger, customers can let their servers know they are ready to order, need a refill, or are ready for the cheque. Even in a crowded dining room, servers and managers can be sure that every customer’s needs are met, eliminating wasted trips to the table, making dining more pleasant for the customer and allowing servers to cover more tables.

Why you need it

ServiceLights™ increase efficiency and table turnover, giving your servers the knowledge of what customers want when they want it. ServiceLight™ also allows management to easily monitor service timelines and the efficiency of each server.


  • Inexpensive & attractive
  • Simple to use
  • Brandable
  • Efficient & effective
  • Light & portable
  • Easily stored - stackable
  • Won’t intimidate customers
  • No installation required



ServiceLight™ Restaurant Waiter Calling System



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