ServiceLight™ FAQs

How can the ServiceLight™ save my restaurant money?

On average, a server will visit each table three to five times when they are not needed. By eliminating wasted trips servers have time to respond to the customers who do need service. Customers appreciate not being interrupted and the job of the server becomes organized and efficient, allowing them to handle more tables, which increases tips and saves your restaurant money. Repeat business will increase as customers realize they can bring clients, family and friends for uninterrupted dining, and yet still have all their needs met by the server.

Do Customers really like them?

They love them! In our research (conducted at various locations across the nation within one of the largest national restaurant chains) appreciated having their service needs within their own control. Even customers who like the attention of their servers agree that it is impossible for any server to know what they want and when they want it. In almost every case, the customer would have used at least one of the three service requests even when they rated their service as excellent.

Is ServiceLight™ covered by a warranty?

Yes. Servisensor™ offers a one-year warranty on all parts and labour with the exception of replacement batteries.




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