The Autofry Ventless MTI-40CX Deep-Fryer

MTI-40CX 2x3.6kW Heater, 2x8.5 litres oil capacity

The dual-basket MTI-40XL is our largest counter-top ventless deep-fryer. Dimensions are 635x915x826mm (DxWxH), weight is 140Kg and it requires a 32Amp power supply (also available in 3-phase). Typical working capacity is 50-80lbs of chips per hour (frozen to cooked - actual capacity depends on type of chips).

The countertop deep fryers also have optional heat lamps for keeping cooked food warm.


Autofry® deep fryers are fully-enclosed and ventless for complete safety in the high-volume catering environment.

See the panels to the right for images and diagrams of features, and for full pdf technical specifications.


All units are covered by a comprehensive one-year parts and labour warranty and we provide full on-going service and maintenance back-up around the UK.






Technical Data

MTI-40CX Countertop model


MTI-40CX deep fryer MTI-40CX deep fryer