Hurricone Cordless Floor Dryer case studies

East Riding College using Hurricone floor dryersEast Riding College purchase three “Hurricone’s”
Elaine Hall, Facilities Manager at the East Riding College sourced the ‘Hurricone’ at the Facilities’ Show at the NEC in May 2013.
“The Hurricone caught my eye as I passed the stand, so I stopped for a better look, only talking that morning with colleagues regarding a wet floor issue; I knew instantly that this was the correct product and a solution to the problem.”

Three Hurricone units were later purchased following a demonstration and are now located at the two main Campuses. The units are being used daily by the Domestic Team and are assisting them in their general cleaning processes, with spillages and the wet weather, drying the areas up to 90% quicker. They are also easy to store and manoeuvre, and are highly visible.

Adel Mckie and Paula Avison, Domestic Assistants think the ‘Hurricone’ ticks every box.


Hampshire & Basingstoke Hospital were having issues with wet floors and slip & fall accidents, they use the Hurricone on their wards, in the corridors, the reception area where the experienced wet foot fall and really anywhere there is a spill. One Hurricone is kept on each floor and the floor supervisor is responsible for ensuring it is put away and re-charged. They have found the Hurricone to be a “very good piece of kit” and a useful addition to their cleaning equipment and Ann believes the Hurricone has prevented accidents where they had incidents before

Anne Noncella – Hampshire & Basingstoke Hospital


Rolls Royce Marine has lino covered floors in their reception area which are very slippery when wet and they have had slip & fall accidents, they needed something that would dry the area quickly and effortlessly. Since having the Hurricone on site there have been none, Julie says ”it is very easy to use”, one person is responsible for bringing it to the area required and returning it to be charged.

Rolls Royce Health & Safety are very impresses with its preventative capacity. Julie Lawrence – Rolls Royce Marine, Derby


Kidz Planet had a problem with spills in the kitchen area as well as in the children’s play area, The Hurricone is used daily in the kitchen area and then relocated to the play area on demand. The brakes are applied when in the play area and the children respect that the Hurricone is there for their safety and do not interfere with it (try to push it or play on it). Clare said that the kitchen was a Health & Safety hazard as many slips occurred due to the wet slippery floor, since having the Hurricone there have not been any incidents and the play area is also safe. They find it very easy to use; they appreciate its mobility and it performs very efficiently.

Clare – Kidz Planet Ltd, Folkestone Kent


"This is probably the most exciting product we saw. Health and safety is so important in our business, and I didn't realise how difficult it is to manage areas where we need to clean but allow public access at the same time, such as in our In Store cafés. We think this product could improve our cleaning while also reducing the risk of incidents or slips. We're looking at how we can get more of the product into the business."

Adam O'Connor, Compass UK


Autofry Ventless Deep-Fryer case studies

Autofry in use at Warwick CastleWarwick Castle has voted the Autofry a resounding success. And we can keep it that way, by providing an aftercare service second to none.

Dan Wilbraham, the Head Chef for Warwick Castle had been tasked with sourcing a means to fry without extraction and incorporating large capacity output. He had been unable to find a suitable product that met the criteria until he was introduced to Autofry at the Hospitality Show this year...

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